New Hero in Heroes of the Storm – Orphea


Heroes of the Storm – team, the main characters of which came from other universes of Blizzard. However, at BlizzCon 2018, this tradition was interrupted: the developers presented the first original character who was born in the Nexus itself.

Novice name is Orphea. She fled from her fallen father, the Raven Lord, to repel the influence of dark forces. Orphea met Deckard Cain and arrived at the Royal Cord, where she saw with her own eyes how the kingdom fell victim to her father’s unreasonable ambitions. After that, she vowed to protect the innocent and joined the ranks of the heroes of the Nexus.

Orphea – the killer in the middle distance. According to the developers, it is most effective when several enemies hit simultaneously with their abilities. All Orphea skills have a delay of use, which means that it is required to anticipate the movements of the enemy.

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