New Phoenix Point trailer


Humanity is suffering from an alien threat. You lead an organization that fights against the aggressors. The gameplay is divided into two main layers: global, where you assess the situation throughout the Earth, plan operations, expand the base and so on, and local, where the battles with aliens occur in a tactical mode. At the same time, Phoenix Point will be more complex than XCOM from Firaxis: for example, there may be up to 16 fighters in one unit. Instead of two moves for each soldier, the classical system of action points works: you can do anything in any order, while these points are enough.

In addition, Phoenix Point has a procedural generation of levels in the spirit of XCOM 2, the complete destruction of buildings, as well as deep pumping and customization of soldiers. Now Phoenix Point is in early access, not through Steam, but through its own website. In addition, new enemies, maps and types of environments will appear in the clashes.

Phoenix Point is due for release in June 2019 on PC and Xbox One.

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