Android 10 can get new screen sharing features


The Android operating system supports multitasking from the very beginning. However, it works differently in different versions. In Android Oreo, for example, the Picture-in-Picture function was added, in Android Pie, Split-screen and Freeform. Now, another new product is expected. The main drawback of the Split-screen is that when working with one of the applications on a split screen, the second was paused. However, it seems that the developers intend to fix this in Android 10. The first mention of a certain Multi-Active Window mode, which allows you to place up to three simultaneously running applications on the screen, appeared during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone. According to the XDA Developers development community, the new function will be called Multi-resume, it will be integrated into the Split-screen mode.


Similar solutions already exist on Pixel branded smartphones. Samsung also implements screen sharing with the MultiStar module in the Good Lock program. However, in the future, native support for such features is expected. You should also expect a large number of applications that will work in this mode. In addition, according to some reports, a similar opportunity can be implemented in the current Android Pie. This idea looks comfortable, given that in Android, the desktop is often only needed for the location of application icons. However, the functionality with the division of the display into three parts will look good only on screens with a large diagonal. Therefore, it is possible that the half-forgotten form factor of phablets will return again after Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Huawei Note 10.

Note that on Apple iPad tablets, a split screen called SplitView has been around for several years. And recently, an analog appeared on the iPhone, however, according to users, it is inconveniently implemented there.

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