In Windows 10, there was a major failure in the activation mechanism

Windows 10

As it became known, on November 8, 2018, there was a centralized failure in the Windows 10 activation system. At first, users began to report that their system had lost activation at startup when a message about key expiration was displayed. Also in some cases, Windows 10 Pro has evolved into Windows 10 Home.

It is reported that the problem applies to most of those who updated Windows 10 using old keys from Windows 7 and 8.1. The problem is on the activation server. Because of the failure, the reasons for which are still unclear, the operating system believes that the user simply installed the wrong version and offers to install Windows 10 Home.

The official technical support forum reports that there are problems with activation in Japan, Korea, Russia, and so on. According to the latest data, the situation is also manifested in other regions. The tech support said they had to wait a few days until the developers released an update to fix the problem. Call to technical support is not worth it, it will not change anything in the current situation

“Microsoft is aware of what is happening and is working on a fix, as reported by Windows tech support. If you’ve lost Windows activation, Microsoft recommends to be patient and wait a few hours (or days), and then check if the activation has returned. There is no need to worry about the stability of the computer during this time since Microsoft allows you to use the system without activation for a very long period of time, ”the company’s technical support department said.

The funny thing is that even users of the pirated version of Windows 10 complained about the failure of the activation. Moreover, the reactivation does not help. Judging by the latest data and the official statement of the company, they know what the problem is. At the moment, the bug is fixed, to restore the license, you need to go to the system settings: Update and Security – Activation – Problems – Troubleshooting activation problems.

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