Valve is working on a new VR helmet


The Upload VR portal reports the leakage of photos in the Imgur service of a new virtual reality helmet developed by Valve. The boards of the device are engraved with the name of the company Valve, in the layout, there are two front cameras and sensors. On the helmet mounts, you can see the same soft lining, as in the new Valve virtual controllers, which have not yet been on sale.

Upload VR notes that we could have a new version of the HTC VIve helmet, although Valve most likely is working on its own device. Sources of the portal confirm that this is the company’s own development with a viewing angle of 135 °. The resolution of the internal screens of the device, according to sources, is similar to that of the Vive Pro. The Upload VR portal notes that Valve may eventually sell a new device along with parallel-running virtual controllers.

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