In Frostpunk appeared endless survival mode


Studio 11-bit studios in the latest release of the developer’s video diaries announced the release of a new update for Frostpunk, which adds the long-awaited mode of endless survival. The update came out later than the developers had planned, and there is a good reason for that: 11-bit decided to add much more content to the mode, including two additional Endurance and Serenity modes, which are significantly different from the game.

Serenity will allow you to focus on building and expanding the city: there will be plenty of resources and the weather will be milder. Endurance is designed to be a test: random events will take place within its framework, ending in a couple of days. The update with new modes is free for all players. Details published on the Steam Community.

Link in Steam: The biggest Frostpunk DLC so far

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