Operation Wind Bastion for Rainbow Six: Siege


Nomad, armed with AK-74M or ARX200, uses an Airjab device to launch a charge that operates at a distance, “expel” the enemy from the shelter and reveal its location. The Kaid equipment has a Rtila conductor, electrifying metal objects: reinforced walls, barbed wire, stationary shields. Thanks to the AUG A3 and TCSG12 it effectively counteracts the enemy, able to destroy the fortified surface.

Also presented a new map “Fortress”. Kasbah was created taking into account the architectural features characteristic of the southern regions of Morocco. It is a training camp for the military, which is operated by Kaid and where there are many different routes and points of view, and if you wish, you can get to the roof.

Official site: rainbow6.ubisoft.com

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