Players are upset by the abundance of paid content in Artifact.

Artifactcontent in Artifact

Despite the fact that the open “beta” of the card Artifact was launched only a few hours ago, some users have already managed to give up on the creation of Valve – in their opinion, the game is distributed in the “Pay to pay more” model. Artifact itself costs $ 20. However, the purchase of the main game – only the first link in an endless chain of spending. Getting hold of new cards will be released only for “real” – you will be allowed to purchase sets of two dollars each, as well as trade with other players through the Steam Marketplace. In addition, new cards can be won in some modes, but to participate in them you need tickets – also not free.

At the same time, “Packs” cannot be called generous – the starting cards available in the basic version of Artifact can get into a set of 12 cards. Such a good, you know, is unlikely to be able to be resold for any appreciable amount. And the trading system is not yet included, so converting your ballast into money will not work. The Reddit section on Artifact exploded with lots of angry topics and comments. The players blamed Valve for excessive greed and described the system of monetization of the game with the phrase “Pay for everything you do.” Not only ordinary users were dissatisfied – so, in his “Twitter”, a member of the Team Liquid team under the nickname Savjz called the paid barrier a huge mistake.

Valve has already responded to popular outrage. In a recent note, the company reported that the “Regular Phantom Draft” mode was added to the game, for which you do not need to give out a ticket. Also within one and a half weeks in Artifact there will be an opportunity to exchange unnecessary cards for tickets.

Recall release Artifact is scheduled for November 28.

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