Addon for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Gathering Storm


Coal, uranium, and oil can be used to increase the efficiency of buildings at a later stage of the game. But the more you burn such fuel, the more the climate on the planet changes. As the Earth’s total temperature rises, floods and storms occur more frequently, the level of the oceans increases, and glaciers begin to melt. Firaxis tried to tie geographical discoveries to civilizations. For example, if the Egyptians are the first to find a river, they give it the name Nile. If a country in real life does not have a corresponding geographical object, the name for it will be taken from a civilization that does not participate in the current game party.

Gathering Storm also introduces an urban area with a canal into Civilization VI, and through the mountains allows to dig a tunnel and build a regular railway. In addition, there will be a diplomatic victory through the World Congress. With the World Congress, introduce a new indicator – favor. It allows pushing resolutions that are valid until the next meeting of the World Congress. Favor is also useful for holding international events like fairs, sports and so on. Each event has a unique list of awards.

Another era will appear in the development branch – the future. Firaxis cannot say which technologies mankind will use in many years, therefore it has built into the research of this era an element of chance. Among other features of Gathering Storm are nine new leaders from eight new civilizations, two scenarios, improved spying system, additional wonders of the world, units, upgrades, buildings and so on.

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