Cross-play appears in the Paladins, Smite and Realm Royale.


Cross-play appears in the Paladins, Smite and Realm Royale. Platforms that can play together are PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 4 is not involved in this process: in September, Sony allowed cross-platform interaction in Fortnite, but apparently, there is no agreement with Hi-Rez yet. Users will be able to invite friends into the game regardless of their device and communicate through the built-in voice chat, as well as transfer progress and inventory from platform to platform. True, some items can be used only on one platform – for example, images with the Xbox logo.

Among other features on the official website are the following:

• Support for keyboard and mouse on Xbox One.
• Cross-platform leaderboards.
• Total matchmaking for all platforms in a quick game of Paladins and Smite.
• Matchmaking strictly according to the management method in a competitive game in the Paladins and Smite.
• In Realm Royale, matchmaking will always be cross-platform.
• Patches for PC can go out earlier than on consoles. At the same time, cross-play will not link platforms if they have different versions of the game.
• Over time, test servers will also add cross-play.
• Smite and Paladins will have different eSports events on consoles and PCs.

Cross-play should appear in the Paladins and Smite in the second half of January 2019. In Realm Royale, cross-platform matchmaking will appear immediately with a console release, and the transfer of progress will be fastened a little later.

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