New ships and more in the Star Conflict update


For Star Conflict there was an update that completes the big autumn series of transformations. As they say Gaijin and Targem Games, now beginners can quickly get used to the game, and veterans will update their fleet and make a fortune using automated trading.

The innovations are as follows:

• New command attack aircraft Jericho Pilgrim – the first ship in the Star Conflict, which is able to make an emergency landing. For a few seconds, the ship lands on the surface of the space object and is covered by a protective dome.

• Function “test drive” for all ships. In a special battle, they allow evaluating the dynamics of flight, armament, the work of combat modules and other characteristics of a spacecraft before purchase.

• Two new locations – “Huron”, where you need to maneuver between the debris of an abandoned base and asteroids, and “Terminal D” above the surface of a planet of the Earth type.

• Fight mode with special terms and conditions. Fights change every week. Now in the section, you can find the “Capture of lighthouses”, “Survival”, “reconnaissance by force” and “Cosmobol”. In the future, the list will expand.

• For each new level, from now on for two days give a premium license, which increases the experience and rewards in battle.

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