No Man’s Sky Trailer Major Update


At the end of October, Hello Games released No Man’s Sky update The Abyss, which expands the underwater world of the game. Just a month later, the next update trailer – Visions. It seems that the main task of the fresh patch is to make the surfaces of the planets more diverse. The video mentions the following features:

• Abnormal flora.
• New fauna.
• A more diverse color palette of the planets.
• Procedurally generated shipwrecks.
• Debris and alien technology can be collected and sold.
• In the earth, you can find the remains of ancient life forms.
• Increased number of abnormal planets.
• In extreme climates, you can find new valuable materials.
• Improved skies and atmospheric effects (a rainbow appears!).
• Trophies for exploring worlds.
• New items for the base.
• Assignments with total progress for all No Man’s Sky players.
• Improved interface response.
• Fireworks.
• New emotions.

Since the video was discovered before the official premiere, when Visions appears, it is still unknown. Probably already very soon: The Abyss update was launched simultaneously with the announcing trailer.

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