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A personal computer for an office is not just a necessary thing, but a vital one. The PC market is growing, and small and medium business owners are choosing inexpensive and at the same time productive machines for their offices. But not all entrepreneurs know that the key to a successful choice of a good office computer is its processor.

Since the owners of small businesses in the first place do not have large funds, they are interested in budget PCs, mainly aimed at working with office programs and the Internet. But the trend is also that work tasks require ever more productive computers and powerful systems. It is important for an entrepreneur to provide his business with a good fleet of powerful and affordable PCs. And the choice of the processor is one of the key tasks, which largely determines how much money you have to spend now and how much will be spent on the system upgrade in a couple of years. We talk about the six main characteristics that you need to pay attention to when choosing a processor for a working computer.

The more complex the task, the higher the performance requirements. Processors require even more cache memory and more cores. Sophisticated learning algorithms understand how programs work and calculate what resources will be needed soon. As an example, you can bring the latest technology Smart Prefetch: it transmits data with predictions to the processor to speed up calculations and minimize response time.

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There is still a stereotype that the system requires a discrete video card, but in fact, almost a third of the personal computers sold now go without this component without sacrificing performance! Some modern processors also perform all the functions of a video card, while it is not inferior to anything external, it can be used to do 3D modeling and rendering, to encode multimedia files and computer-aided design programs. For example, AMD’s new product is the RYZEN 5 2400G chip. This is a combination of the powerful and market-recognized Ryzen processor and the latest Radeon Vega graphics. Both components are embedded in a single chip, which is sold under the trade names Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G. Its graphics Radeon Vega provides performance at the level of an external GeForce 1030 video card, the average price of which ranges from p4.6 to 6 thousand per piece. That is, by collecting a network of 12 computers, you can save up to 60 thousand by the possibility of abandoning video cards.

Processor manufacturers most often indicate the results of tests of their devices in the multithreaded mode of the benchmark Cinebench. He evaluates the performance of the video card and the CPU, calculating three-dimensional scenes, which contain about 2 thousand objects. According to the test results, real support for multitasking is available for processors that have 4 cores and up to 8 threads. Plus there will be intelligent technologies that optimize processor performance.

The processor can be overclocked by increasing the clock frequency. Then its performance will grow significantly. Previously, this process occurs manually and was associated with many risks, but modern processors with the help of new intelligent technologies make this “overclocking” automatically if there is an efficient cooling system.

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A business strategy needs to be counted on for years to come, so the minimum period of processor relevance must be at least two years. Then the entrepreneur can expect to spend in advance and plan the modernization of the computer park. Ideally, PCs purchased for the office should work for more than 4–5 years and be compatible with new generations of processors: then you can upgrade computers and increase their productivity with minimum costs. If the existing socket accepts the next generation of processors, you are guaranteed to be able to upgrade and increase performance over the next five years, spending minimal funds on it. The connector, AM4 for Ryzen processors a year ago, is suitable for the chip, including a new generation of products expected this year.

Saving electricity is an important step in saving finances, which is especially important for small businesses. In modern processors, there is a complex system of intelligent sensors. It controls the temperature, so the processor is quiet and does not heat up, and also consumes much less electricity from the network. Thus, power consumption is reduced, and over a long period of time, this can amount to significant savings.

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