An online shooter in the Alien universe?


In January, Cold Iron Studio was acquired by FoxNext, a subsidiary of the Twentieth Century Fox film company, which has just registered a new trademark. Then, in January, it was announced that Cold Iron had begun work on a project in the Alien universe.

The site Cold Iron reported that the new game will be a shooter for PC and consoles with online elements that resemble Destiny. Given the registration of the trademark, Alien: Blackout is precisely this mysterious new game.

All this successfully coincided with one of the “tweets” of Jeff Kaley, who published the video with the motto “Worlds Will Change”, and also placed a banner with a phrase in his account. As noted by the portal Eurogamer, the font used painfully recalls the inscriptions of the company Weyland-Yutani – an ominous corporation from the “Alien” universe.

As far as all these rumors are true, we will know already on December 6, when the ceremony of The Game Awards 2018 will be held.

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