The new iPhone has a slow Wi-Fi


Users of the social news resource Reddit found out the unpleasant feature of the iPhone XR, the most affordable model in the Apple 2018 line. As it turned out, the smartphone received a rather slow Wi-Fi. In speed tests, he loses to older iPhones and Samsung smartphones. Thus, the data transfer rate of the iPhone XR was lower than even the iPhone 6 Plus – at a distance of 6 meters from the Wi-Fi access point, the download was three times slower, and when sent, it was twice as slow.

test wifiUser test

Since the flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are equipped with the same Wi-Fi module, Reddit users measured the data transfer rate for them. The results were sad. While it is assumed that the speed is underestimated due to flaws in the current version of iOS 12.1 firmware. In favor of this assumption, say the messages from users of the beta version 12.1.1, claiming that they have no such problem.

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