For The Crew 2 will be released free add-on – Demolition Derby


In addition, there will be a new discipline Demolition Derby: participants will compete for three prizes, trying to earn the most points in a certain time. These intense competitions will take place in two new arenas. The first is Bonneville Salt Flat, where riders have to smash the cars of rivals while trying not to please under the forklift, dodging a huge boxing glove and avoiding collisions with other machines. The second route will pass through the cemetery of planes in Tucson, where participants will be able to push their opponents off the road and cause them even greater damage.

In addition to the race for the destruction of the addition will bring into the game the long-awaited PvP mode. Up to 8 entry-level players will be able to compete with each other in such disciplines as street racing or motocross, and the list of events on the US map will be constantly updated. Players who wish to try their luck at a higher level of competition can test themselves in the PvP league, where they are waiting for higher stakes and worthy rewards.

The update will be available from December 5th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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