Red Dead Online players may lose progress after the beta.


Red Dead Online for selected lucky ones has already started, although ordinary players will be able to join only tomorrow. Nevertheless, too happy about the launch of Red Dead Online is not worth it. The fact is that the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched in beta format. Red Dead Online continues to be developed and will be constantly updated by developers. For players, this means that the progress made during beta testing may not continue with the release of the final version.

Rockstar published a blog in which she tried to convey to gamers as much as possible what they should expect from the beta now and in the future. And although Rockstar has no exact plans for wipe characters, it can still happen. When the Red Dead Online beta ends, the developers are not reporting. We have to admit that planning it is really difficult, so let’s just hope that there will be no large-scale wipes in the game.

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