A new adventure mode is available in Crossout.


In the new mode of players waiting for a large story campaign, as well as third-party tasks and events, which can participate both alone and in co-op with friends. The reward for completing tasks in the mode will be a special resource – “engraved sleeves”. They can be spent on the creation of unique weapons and jewelry for armored vehicles.

The action will unfold on a specially prepared map “Blood Rocks”. Start your “Adventure” players can already from the third level. They can go in search of a solution to an armored vehicle, and the enemies on the map will be selected taking into account the player’s power. The time of the game session in unlimited mode. You can interrupt the campaign and return to it later.

At the moment, the “Adventure” mode is in closed beta testing. Get access to it will be able to owners of the set “Remember all.” Also, players can submit an application to participate in testing on the official website of the game.

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