History of the Teutonic Order – addon for Ancestors Legacy


Studio Destructive Creations has announced the release of a new storyline supplement for the Ancestors Legacy strategy. All owners of the game can already download it for free.

The new campaign contains five story missions, more than 1,700 lines of dialogues and new achievements on Steam. The new historic campaign takes place in the middle of the 13th century when Herkus Monte returns to his native Prussian village Pokarvis after many years of study under the watchful eye of the Teutonic Order in Magdeburg.

Being a graduate of the Order, Herkus keeps his loyalty to his mentors for a short time and soon leads a rebellion against the knights. The second part of the campaign is dedicated to the Commander of the Teutonic Order Konrad von Tirberg. He will personally lead knightly wedges to storm the last rebel bastion – Lidzbark Castle.

In addition, from November 30 to December 2 there will be a free weekend in the game: three single-player campaigns and multiplayer maps will be available to everyone.

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