Project Nova from CCP Games is restarted to revise the concept of the game


Studio CCP Games has suspended the development of Project Nova in its current form, to go back a few steps and revise the concept of the project.

Project Nova was supposed to be a first-person shooter and, concurrently, a spin-off of EVE Online, whose events would unfold in the same universe. It was assumed that the first stage of alpha testing on invites will be launched last November.

This did not happen, but the developers told on the official website of the project that they conducted game test sessions with invited gamers and also invited well-known members of the community to get feedback to further develop the game.

According to the results of the collected information, the developers decided to cancel alpha testing and return to the design, restarting the current development. Of course, the connection between Project Nova and the EVE Online universe will remain unbreakable.

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