Skyforge will have a new class


On December 11th, Skyforge will launch the “Unknown Frequency” update. With his release, the players will be available to the new music class Acoustics, as well as the game event, which will open the way for the heroes to a new planet.

With the release of the “Unknown Frequency” update, players who purchased a collector’s edition will have access to the legendary 17th generation weapons, a unique class suit that can be used even before the update is launched, and much more. All players expect a new adventure in which the characters will take part in an exciting investigation of the anomalous phenomenon in the sky over Elyon.

Acoustics is a new class of support, capable of bringing powerful sound waves to the enemy. Character skills give strength to the allies and significantly weaken enemies. The guitar solo acoustics makes it completely invulnerable, and around the fire periodically appears, causing damage to enemies. The new hero is able to disorient his opponents, as well as create a shock wave in front of him.

The “Unknown Frequency” update will be available on December 11 on the PC, December 12 on the PlayStation 4 and December 13 on the Xbox One.

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