Need or not? Battlefield V


Battlefield V is a beautiful game, but it is not without problems that players face every day. And one of the most notorious problems associated with the so-called “time to kill.”

Criticism of the players comes down to the fact that it takes a few moments to kill opponents – and in these conditions, it is very difficult to think tactically. The developers assure that they will sort it out, change the balance, correct the situation – but not right now, although this is one of the priority directions.

The thing is that the situation itself, when players are too often and quickly killed in multiplayer, is tied to too many other gameplay systems, which will also have to be reconfigured accordingly.

The developers are planning to roll out the update soon with an increased time to kill, but they are not reporting when exactly this will happen. The changes will take effect for all players, but the playlist will remain with the old parameters for comparing the two options.

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