New playable class in Black Desert Online


In the global update, Black Desert Online is the Archer class. In addition, the main story of the game has been completely updated. The archer specializes in ranged attacks and, unlike other classes, from the very beginning can use both the main weapon – the crossbow and the awakened one – the great bow. Characters of this class also use magic to keep enemies at a respectful distance from themselves.

This means that, along with the archer, a completely new style of combat appears in the game, and adventurers can try it out today. In honor of this long-awaited event in the game from December 12 to January 9, three events are held. Learn more about all the events here. Along with the advent of the new class, the beginning of the history of Black Desert Online has also been updated: now there is more detailed information about the main characters, their relationship, historical context, as well as new characters and locations.

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