PlayStation 4 has overtaken PlayStation 3 in sales


According to the publication VGChartz, the PlayStation 4 console, five years after launch, surpassed its predecessor in sales. In the last week of November, more than a million and a half copies of the PS4 were sold. Thus, the total number of sales for all years of the console amounted to 88.05 million units. PS3 also sold in the amount of 86.9 million consoles. Curiously, the best PS4 is sold in Europe (35.56 million consoles). In second place are the United States (27.18 million consoles). Japan closes the top three in which 7.24 million consoles were sold. As for Europe, PS4 is best bought in Germany.

VGChartz also reports that the most popular game on the PlayStation 4 is still GTA V with 18.8 million copies sold. An interesting fact, given that the original was released on the previous generation of consoles.

Link to news: PlayStation 4 Outsells the PlayStation 3 РSales

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