In Star Conflict, the PvE system has changed and a new company has appeared.


Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of the “Return of the Giants” update for the online space action Star Conflict. With him in the game has changed the system PvE missions. Players will now be able to participate in PvE scenarios with dynamically changing levels of difficulty, and then try themselves in more difficult missions. Also, the game has a new PvE campaign “Price of Trust”, the development of the plot in which depends on the actions of the players.

PvE missions in Star Conflict are now divided into two types:

ETSN Missions – PvE scenarios for the United Center of Mercenaries with a growing level of complexity. In battle, pilots will be able to earn “Insignia.” You can spend them to improve the attack and protect your fleet in this mode or to open new levels of PvE scenarios. Thus, as the experience of the players grows and their space fleet increases, the PvE missions will become more difficult, and the reward for winning them is higher.
“Deadly Fights” – a mission with a constant, high level of complexity. For their passage will require a powerful fleet and well-coordinated teamwork.

The new PvE campaign “Price of Trust” will be available to players both in the “ETSN Mission” mode and in the form of the “Mortal Fight”, where they will face stronger opponents. The purpose of this mission is to release the dreadnought captured by the pirates of the corporation “Ellydium” – a huge warship that has suffered disaster in a distant system. The development of the plot will depend on the actions of the players.

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