The PC version of the Tropico 6 was moved


Kalypso is making every effort to create the best game in the series, and therefore made the difficult decision to postpone the release date of the PC version of the game to March 29, the official statement said. – This is done in order to try to take into account the wishes of fans as much as possible, as well as better adjust the in-game balance and test the project, which should meet the expectations of fans and the status of the flagship product.

As a sign of gratitude to all Tropico fans who supported the development of the game, Kalypso Media offers the first official addition to Tropico 6 as a gift. Anyone who has pre-ordered before 22:00 MSK January 10, 201 will receive it for free. New content will be automatically added to the game content after the release of the add-on in the second quarter of 2019.

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