Jalopy give for free or for a dollar in Humble

Online shop Humble again distributes free game. But this time it’s a little more complicated. The object of the action was a low-poly simulator ride on an old Jalopy car.
Anyone can get the game to your Humble-account for free by subscribing to the store’s newsletter, and download it from there. Steam-key this time for the action is not issued. Instead, the owners of the game in the inventory have a coupon to buy this key for one dollar instead of 15. For reference: on Steam the game costs 350 rubles.
Jalopy was released a year ago, it was created by the British Greg Priymachuk, acting as a studio MinskWorks. By the way, he did not call his studio this way after the capital of Belarus, but after his motorcycle, which he drove from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Hanoi.
Impressions of the trip on the old vehicle embodied in the gameplay Jalopy. In the game we drive on the roads on the ancient and constantly breaking down car “Lika 601 Deluxe”. This fictional brand was invented on the basis of the German car Trabant 601.

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