Release date and new screenshots of Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Humankind Odyssey

At the same time, the creative project manager Patris Desile continues to communicate the key features of the project. In the new video, he paid attention to the development of the clan – in fact, the clan is the main character to be taken care of. The player can choose for whom to play, for a child, adult or senior representative of the clan. At the beginning of the game, few residents will live in a safe part of the forest, but later they will have to look for a new house, because the resources are finite, and without them, the clan will start to die out. The study of new places is accompanied by fear – this is a gameplay mechanics, the principle of which is not very clear. When exploring the world, you can stumble upon other monkeys that need help, and if you give it, they will join the clan. At a certain point, the player will be able to mate to continue his race.

The PC version of the project will be sold only at the Epic Games Store for a year after the release, and then gets to other digital services like Steam.

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