We. The Revolution comes out on consoles in June


In March, the RS owners were able to put Danton’s death words into reality with their own hands: “The revolution devours its children.” And now the drama We. The Revolution is played out on the consoles PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Receipt of pre-orders has already begun in the Nintendo store. Polyslash Studio and Klabater Publisher announced that We. The Revolution will be held June 25, 2019. Although for the sake of historicity of reference, it would be worthwhile to push it a little: the date of July 14, the day of the capture of the Bastille, would be perfect for a revolutionary drama.

In We. The Revolution falls to us the role of a judge of the tribunal. It depends on our decision which of the “children of the revolution” will go to the guillotine. In order to make intelligent decisions, sometimes you have to leave the courtroom and go in search of evidence of the guilt or innocence of the defendants. After all, each of the decisions may affect the fate of our hero: there is enough space on the scaffold for everyone. The publisher reports that the PC version of We. The Revolution has received excellent reviews from critics and players and is selling successfully. Now it’s up to the consoles: for them, the management was completely redone and the interface was improved.

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