Announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


We have to play the role of modern soldiers of an elite unit of the first level, whose actions will affect the fate of the whole world. The secret operations of the single-player campaign will send players to different countries of the world, ranging from European megalopolises to unstable regions of the Middle East. History is not connected with the events of the past parts. Promised maximum realism and friends – Captain Price and a couple of old friends.

The game engine is not completely new, but it was subjected to a massive “repair” and reworked with an emphasis on the accuracy of real life: a modern physical rendering system based on photogrammetry – the science of direct scanning of objects that reproduce not only their shape but also material properties, such as roughness and the ability to reflect. The lighting system is changed – each light source is volumetric, and developers can adjust the density of the atmosphere, simulate humidity and create fog at ground level. Supported ray tracing. Work on the engine lasted five years and laid the foundation for the future of the series. In order to appreciate all the advantages, you need a productive PC. This is a modern photorealistic optimized tool, so the consoles still promise a frequency of 60 fps. In addition to the traditional multiplayer mode will be a cooperative mode with tactical scenarios. There is no season ticket in the game, and the new content will be free for everyone. Also, developers implement cross-play between all platforms.

The PC version will be distributed through, where you can already pre-order. Studio Infinity Ward and Activision announced the fourth game called “Modern Warfare” without any figures, hinting at the restart of the series. Exit on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will be held on October 25.

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